a journal of microfiction and poetry

Prowlings is a journal of microfiction & poetry - works of less than one hundred words, works which, as Blake would say, hold the world in a grain of sand and eternity in an hour.

What makes Prowlings different from other blogs of microfiction out there - some of them producing and curating beautiful work - is that it is not a blog, but a physical journal designed to be read on paper, because we adore the printed word. Each issue is the size of an A4 page, and can be downloaded, printed off, folded, and enjoyed.

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#5 May 2016

Our fifth issue is special, containing one microplay of 500 words. 'The Dreaming Strip' is an uneasy, beautiful, and tightly woven exploration of family, death, and the strangeness of the stars.

Contributor: Louis Klee

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#4 February 2015

There is a stirring in the air. Sunlight shifts across the ground. Soon, and again soon, and later, nothing will be as it was. This issue explores the many manifestations of impermanence.

Contributors: Luna Brown, Grace Flanagan, Tasnim Hossain, Yolande Norris, Mark Whittaker

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#3 May 2014

It's autumn, hiding in the gutters, holding you in the evenings, clammy hands, a chill in your bones. This issue is guaranteed to warm you up, wash your worries away.

Contributors: P.S. Cottier, Chloe Higgins, Kate Liston, Hayley Stockall


#2 April 2013

This issue promises you streets and body parts. Really. It says so in the editors' letter.

Contributors: Tayne Ephrain, Lauren Harvey, Sarah McCauley, Kira Scaife


#1 March 2013

In our first ever issue, read tiny tales about laundromats, Captain Hook, the moon, and more.

Contributors: Duncan Felton, Andrew Galan, Hayley Stockall, Candice Tan, M. Quinn


We release Prowlings for free, and encourage you to distribute it the same way. However, donations help us edit and print each issue, and allow us to post our authors nice copies of Prowlings in lieu of payment.