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Submissions are currently open for Issue 5 of Prowlings.

Issue 5 - Microplay Special Issue

We are looking for a microplay of not more than five hundred words. The whole of issue five will be dedicated to this microplay. There is no theme, but we want something that touches us or challenges us in ways we have never yet been touched or challenged. We want something from the deep roots of your mind. We want something that gives us in five hundred words what we have never gotten from three thousand.

Guidelines: A play of not more than five hundred words - but you are welcome to interpret 'play' in whatever way you choose. Be brave. The word limit is beyond contest, though - it includes everything, including character names and stage directions. Please submit only one piece.

Due date: 31st March, 2015


Please email your submissions to Alternatively, head to our Facebook page and message us. The email or message should include your name or pen name, a bio of not more than fifteen words (space considerations, sorry!), a preferred contact email, and your submission(s) attached in a sensible file format.

Copyright Terms

In submitting your work to Prowlings, you agree to the following: that the work remains your own, and that you own copyright to it. We accept work which has been previously published, as long as the other publications allow you to republish it.

If your work is published by Prowlings, you retain full copyright to it, and are welcome to republish it in any format. Prowlings retains the right to republish your work in future publications, such as collections and promotional posts. We will contact you in the event of your work being republished.


Unfortunately, Prowlings is volunteer-run, and as such we cannot offer payment to our authors. All money made from our sales goes towards future publications.